What will happen if my child is unwell or unhappy?

If your child is unhappy or unwell during their stay they should speak to a member of the welfare team based at reception in the school or to their homestay host.  The school will book doctors/dentist appointments where required and support your child with any worries they have. Your student may go home if they feel ill; if the student is under 16 we will ensure that a leader supervises them if the homestay is not home. We will monitor how they feel and take their lunch up to them.

Is there a helpline contact number?

Our contact number during office hours Monday-Friday 9:00 – 17:00 is +44(0)1803 559718 and we have an out of hours contact number for emergencies +44(0)7885221647

Will my child be supervised at all times?

Your child will be supervised during lessons and activities and have set curfews to adhere to.  If your child has not returned home by their curfew the homestay host will report their student missing to a member of Devon School staff. We ensure that junior students are not left alone at the homestay for long periods of time and never alone overnight. If your child is booked on an Adult General English 15 course, they will be at school and supervised Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 12:30.  If they are booked in on a General English 23 course they will be in school from 09:00 until 15:30 Monday to Thursday, finishing on Friday at 12:30.  Outside of these periods, and during the 30 minute morning coffee break and 60 minute lunch break, your child will not be supervised and will have free time in the afternoons after lessons, in the evenings and at weekends.

Can my child go off with their friends to do different activities if they do not like the group activity organised by the school?

Your child is not permitted to miss scheduled activities. They must attend the programme as stated. This is to ensure the safety of your child.


How far are the homestays from the school?

All of our homestays are within walking distance ( an approximate 20 minute walk from the school).

How does the school select suitable homestay hosts?

The school selects suitable homestay hosts by visiting the family home and meeting with potential hosts and their families.  Many of our new hosts have been recommended by our active homestay hosts.

What checks do you run on homestay applicants?

The school makes stringent checks on homestay applicants, these include a visit from the school, DBS checks on the main adult in the homestay, local police checks, local council checks and fire risk assessments.

What if my child is not happy in the homestay for some reason?

Your child's happiness is our priority.  If your child is unhappy in the homestay for any reason we will counsel/speak to them and complete a change of homestay application together with them, giving reasons why they are unhappy. We will of course intervene to solve any problems we can, or find alternative homestay accommodation as soon as possible if necessary.


How do you know which homestay is best for my child?

We know all of our homestay hosts personally and will find the most suitable homestay for your child.  Dietary requirements and allergies are taken into consideration when choosing suitable homestay hosts.

My child has special dietary needs, can you cater for this?

Yes we have an experienced chef in school and your child will be accommodated by a host that is confident in catering for their diet.  Please state clearly on the enrolment at the time of booking any special requirements and we can find the best host. We do charge a supplement for this: £50 for lactose free or gluten free, this covers the cost incurred by the host and by the school. 

Who will my child share a room with?

Your child will share their room with another foreign student of the same gender and of a similar age. The student will also be a different nationality unless requested otherwise. You can also request a single room for an additional charge, subject to availability.

Can my child share with their friend?

Yes, please state this on the enrolment form 

Can my child have a single room?

Yes, please state this on the enrolment form

Will my child be in a homestay with other children who speak the same language?

No, unless you request that they share with a friend.


My child is Italian. Will there be other Italian students in her class?

The classes are mixed nationalities based on ability; there is a possibility that there will be other Italians in the class.


Will my child need much spending money?

Your child’s activities and food is all included in the price paid before arrival. Many students like to go shopping/ buy souvenirs or snacks whilst here in England. A guide of £45 is given. We would advise handing in any large sums of money to the school for the safe keeping.


Who will meet my child at the airport?

This is dependent on the mode of transfer they have booked.

If your child has booked the DSE Accompanied Transfer service a member of staff wearing a green T-shirt will meet them at the arrivals lounge. If your child has booked a Meet & Greet service for a Taxi transfer or Public Coach then it will be the representative from the company booked that will meet them. Full details will be provided via email before they travel.